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The Public Health Division collects and analyzes data on health behaviors, diseases and injuries, disseminates findings, and designs and promotes evidence-based programs and policies to improve the health and safety of all Oregonians.

See Oregon's State Health Profile for a broad set of indicators that offer a snapshot of the health of people in our state.

NOTE: The data sets and documents listed here represent some of혻혻the work of the various programs conducting surveillance activities, but is not an inclusive list of Oregon Health Authority data and statistics. Please use our "Search Public Health..." feature or contact to request data or reports.

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Active Bacterial Core Surveillance - ABCs
Adolescent Suicide Attempt Data System (ASADS)
Adolescent Suicide Data and Analysis
Adult Behavior Risk Survey (BRFSS)
Aging Report - Oregon Counties
ALERT Immunization Registry
Ambulance Providers by County
Annual Reports Vol. 1 & 2 - Vital Statistics
Arthritis Reports
Asthma Reports
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Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
Birth Data
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Cancer Reports
Cancer and Colorectal Screening Adult Survey Data
Chronic Disease Data and Reports
Communicable Disease Surveillance Data
Communicable Disease Annual Reports
Communicable Disease Weekly/Monthly Report
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Death Data
Death with Dignity Report
Diabetes Reports
Divorce Data
Domestic Partnership Data
Drinking Water Data Online
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Elder Suicide Report (pdf)
Environmental Public Health Tracking
ESSENCE - Emergency Data
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Foodborne Illness Risk Factors in Restaurants (pdf)
Foodborne Illness
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Harmful Algae Bloom Data
Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)
Health Status Indicators
Heart Disease and Stroke Reports
HIV Data
HIV/AIDS Epi Profile
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Immunization Data
Immunization Rates - Population-based - County Facts
Indoor Clean Air Act Study (pdf)
Induced Abortion
Injury and Fatality Data
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Marriage Data
Maternal & Child Health Data
Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) Statistics
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NVDRS - National Violent Death Reporting System
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OMMP (Medical Marijuana Program) Statistics
Oregon Healthy Teens (OHT) Survey
Oral Health Status of Children (Smile Survey)
Oregon Healthy Teens (OHT) Survey
Oregon State Cancer Registry
Oregon State Health Profile
Occupational Illness & Injury
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Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)
Physical Activity & Nutrition
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Radiation Monitoring Data
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Sexually Transmitted Disease Statistics
State혻Health Profile??/a>
Suicide Data
Survey Data
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Teen Pregnancy Data
Tobacco Factsheets by County
Tobacco Use
Trauma Registry
Traumatic Injuries and Trauma Care
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Violent Death (NVDRS)
Vital Statistics Annual Reports
Vital Statistics: County Databook
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West Nile Virus
WIC Annual Report
WIC County Facts
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Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data
Youth Suicide Data and Analysis